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Inline PCB Dust Cleaner Machine Inline PCB Dust Cleaner Machine

Inline PCB Dust Cleaner Machine

Product Description


1.Innovators in contact cleaning, Operators have full access to both cleaning rollers and the pre-sheeted adhesive rolls, ensuring full integration of the SMT Clean Machine into the production line.

2.Simple maintenance sticky paper replacement dust removal roller cleaning simple and easy 

3.The internal conveyor system supports the edges of the board throughout the cleaning process. This SMT industry standard method of transporting the board through the machine allows for any width of board to be processed.

4.This new feature is a unique, fully adjustable support system ensuring the boards being processed are held in contact with the top cleaning module regardless of width and or thickness. No board jam in all process!

5.Sticky paper usage time pre-setting by the software to avoid the paper waste and keep a high quality performance in all process.

6.Standard Electrostatic eliminator are equipped on the entrance and exit end of conveyor as the standard to ensure the highest safety operation running.

7.Built-in vacuum system to remove dirt, board scraps, fibers, hairs and other foreign bodies on the surface of the substrate.

The NEW SMT Clean Machine from Vanstron has been specifically
designed to remove contamination from bare boards before solder paste, adhesive application and after laser marking. The design of the machine will ensure full integration into all SMT lines, providing your process with the best contact cleaning system in the world.

▍Technical Specification

Operating modes

Single Side / Double side - Bypass

Processing Speed

1 - 40 m/min

Pass line height

900 +- 50mm

Power Supply

AC 220V,Single phase,50-60Hz

Pneumatic Pressure required

5 - 7 Bar " Oil free air "

PCB size available

Max.wdith   460mm,Max. length 500mm

Thickness:   0.6mm – 3.0mm maximum.

Cleaning method

Adhesive roller + ESD brush + vacuum   absorbing  

( individual selectable according to   usage)

Ion Fan

Micro wind on  top   of conveyor ( optional )

Electrostatic eliminator


Adhesive roller viscosity


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