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Company Profile

With the core business concept of innovation, reliability & loyalty, Synspeed was created at 2020 in Shenzhen by a group of engineers who has over 10 years SMT industry experience. We are the young technical company, with the great passion and business loyalty business contract spirit, have been contributed all of our efforts in design, manufacturing & sales for our leading quality products like the Vertical heating ovens, inline laser marker machine & Boards handling machines. The Synspeed company has acquired 30% share of the China leading SMT equipment brand, Vanstron automation at 2022, with the Vanstron technology supports, Synspeed is very flexible in the market for the customized automation machine, covering from advanced thermal control technology to industrial 4.0 technology, IPC Hermes 9852 communication.
Synspeed's thermal technology was original the professional convection reflow ovens, with the PID closed loop control technology on heating modular, it is not only to help the end user save the factory space length but also not to impact the production throughout capacity. The vertical heating oven is special for the conformal coating process & underfill coating process, with the strong technology in thermal control, we are available to provide temperature uniformity below 2 °C for delta T.

Technical Strength

    IPC hermes 9852 is a advanced communication protocol, that allows the smart factory becoming a reliability, Synspeed catched the latest trends of IPC hermes 9852 development, we are available to meet the requirements of the Hermes vertion 1.1 to 1.4 vertion. Thanks to the company's passion in the technology innovation, it brings our end users with more options in the market.

    Synspeed, with the professional experience in the SMT equipment market, have been positioning themselves in the high end market, We know the daily requirements and challenges of a high mix, high & low volume production, when every move has to be perfect and new programs have to be written constantly for small series. With our solutions for process- and quality optimization we support you to master these challenges.


    We are a long-term partner of world market and technology leaders, in our product portfolio you can find well established technologies as well as innovative and pioneering technologies. What connects all our products? We count on a combination of high-quality solutions and competent support that provide you with long-term and sustainable process advantages.

    Synspeed, Synchronize speed with the SMT latest technology trends, synchronize speed with the most important customers, and synchronize speed with glorious partners.

  • Advanced Communication Protocol
  • Professional Experience
  • Partner Of World Market
Synspeed PCB handling machines

Why Choose Us

We are the partner for medium-sized & high end marked​​​​​​​
Competent consultation and technical application are among our core competencies. With multiple years of experience and practical know-how, we are experts in SMD manufacturing processes.
We know the market and the technological developments; our customers know the practice on the production line: thanks to our good relationship with both customers and suppliers, the suggestions of our customers flow directly into the further development of the machines at our suppliers.
We act according to this mission statement​​​​​​​
Our aspiration is to help our customers achieve a sustainable technological advantage with innovative and forward-looking technologies. To achieve this, we believe in collaborative relationships with our customers and a close exchange with our suppliers. We carefully select our product portfolio, which is continuously updated with new technologies.​​​​​​​

Factory Show

Together We Initiate Change
Oven Brand : Synthermal 
Laser Marker Machine: SynMarker
Boards Handling Mahcines: Synspeed​​​​​​​

With the core business concept of innovation, reliability & loyalty, Synspeed was created at 2020 in Shenzhen by a group of engineers who has over 10 years SMT industry experience.

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