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Lead Free Reflow Ovens Lead Free Reflow Ovens

Lead Free Reflow Ovens

Product Description


Explorflow system reflow ovens have the thousands installation case in China, the end users covers from the Medical, military, automotive electronics, household electronics, LED, EMS contract manufacturers. Thanks to the experts thermal air reflow chamber in the oven system, the temperature uniformity is perfect for any PCBs without regardless of the PCB with many components. Our best electrical control system is not only providing the endurable electrical control but also offering the real-time monitoring the temperature in each zone, and giving the extremely immediately thermal compensations when the oven is handling the multi volume PCBs to guarantee the temperature in each zone will not be any temperature dropped down.


  • Provide Maximum heat capacity to rapidly reach temperature setting points at low rates of power consumption within a short period of time. The special process champers design makes the air convection uniformly and temperature profile changeover easily.

  • Profile spikes per zone is eliminated with better zone segregation and decrease cross flow. The nozzle plate design allow to cover the boards with hot air in all direction for good uniformity.

  • Our heater generate the desired temperature faster than any other reflow heat source and respond in less than half a second to temperature change of less than 0.1°C thus maintaining the highest level of temperature repeatability.

  • ExplorFlow offers the flexible, controllable preheating zones within while your PCB is preheated and prepared for the actual soldering process. The individual zones can be controlled independently via fan frequency to assure the best possible process.

  • The system is equipped with special nozzle pate for optimized heat transfer by means of uniform air flow over the PCBs. Flow speeds in the upper and lower heat zones can be separately controlled, assuring that your PCB is heated up thoroughly.

  • Our transport systems provide the perfect fit for your components regardless of the circuit board geometry. Transport lanes and speeds are variably adjustable and enable parallel soldering processes with lead-free or leaded soldering in one reflow system.

  • The optional center support enables even the processing of large circuit boards or boards with a flexible base material with ease and prevents any sagging during the reflow soldering, thus guaranteeing a maximum degree of process stability.

  • Cooling zone is achieved with 3 top zones and down zone allowing adjustable convection speed for desired cooling slope; Water chiller cooling system is optional;The fans in the individual zones, which can be controlled separately as an option, allow for accurate control, and cooling gradients can be correspondingly influenced. This assures stress-free cooling for your PCBs, for lead-free soldering as well.

▍Technical specification











Weight (kg)





Heating zones

Top 6+ bottom 6

Top 8+ bottom 8

Top 10+bottom 10

Top 12+bottom 12

Heating Length(mm)





cooling zones

Top 2+ down 2

Top 3 + Down 3

Fixed lane

Front lane

Nozzle plate

High quality  aluminum plate with special surface treatment

Flux management

Standard configuration

Exhaust volume

11CBM/min *2 channel exhaust

Power supply

3 phase ,380V 50/60Hz ( optional : 3 phase ,220V 50/60Hz)

Total Power





Startup power





Power consumption





Warming time

From the normal temp. to set temp, approximate 30 minutes.


setting range

Room temperature to 300°C

Temperature control method

PID Close loop control +SSR Driving

Temperature control precision

+/- 1.0 °C

Temperature deviation

+/- 1.5°C

Max. PCB width

400mm ( Optional 610mm )

Range of rail width

50mm -400mm (optional 50mm -610mm )

Components clearance

Top/Bottom clearance of PCB : 25mm

Conveyor direction

L to R ( Optional R to L )

Conveyor width adjust

Motorized type ( Optional: software control automatic type )

Chain  pin

Standard: 5mm, the chain is anti-stuck type, solve the soldering problem of small PCB

Standard  conveyor

Rail+Chain + Mesh

Conveyor speech

300mm /min-2000mm / min


Auto-lubrication by software setting + Manual-lubrication


Real time monitor, Production database, alarm list, temperature profile call for


Full N2 system, Center support system ,KIC RPI  reflow process inspection ,Dual lane

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