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UV Curing Ovens For PCB UV Curing Ovens For PCB

UV Curing Ovens For PCB

Product Description


ExplorCuring UV system is using Fusion® microwave lamp technology to ensure the correct wave length of UV-light, but also a constant output during a guaranteed life time of at least 8000 hours!

The focus height of the Ultraviolet lamps can be adjusted and a range of bulb types offers specific wavelengths to match your material curing parameters. FUSION F300 series UV system, More Efficient and Faster UV Curing from High Peak Irradiance and Low Infrared.The heart of the UV-cure system is the lamp technology.

Application: The UV cure adhesive is designed for high throughput assembly operations. Its thixotropic nature reduces migration of the liquid product after application to the substrate. Cure depth depends both on external factors including the type of light source, light intensity and exposure time and on internal factors including composition of the adhesive.


  • Modular configuration for curing topside of PCBs, optional for bottom –side or both sides of PCBs.

  • An inline SMEMA-compatible chain conveyor allows processing of boards and is easily integrated with your existing Century conformal coating system.

  • World-class Fusion® microwave lamp technology allows the focus height of the Ultraviolet lamps can be adjusted.

  • The ventilation blower forces cooling air across the surface of the boards to keep the temperature and rate of rise at acceptable levels – safer and better for electronic components.

  • UV lamp size and focal height are configurable to meet specific application requirements.

  • Automatic shutters at the oven entrance and exit to prevent the UV light leak from the environment.

  • Minimal maintenance –robust construction and easy operation.

  • Maximum 50mm top and bottom side component clearance

  • Standard motorize d conveyor adjust and optional automatic conveyor width adjustment by software.

  • Fully enclosed machine frame for clean and quiet operation, no UV light leak!

  • Large access doors to all critical areas

  • Being ready for high volume production throughout!

  • CE certificates support to enhance the top safety machine

▍Technical specification

UV-Curing unit


UV-Curing unit

UV system

Heraeus- Fusion F-300 series  or specify.



depending on type of light bulb your application requires.

Dimension (L x W x H)

1500mm x 1100 mm x 1662 mm

Tunnel length / height

1500 mm long  50 mm clearance on top and 50 mm clearance on bottom of chain.

Board size

Min: 30 mm (W) x 120 mm (L), smaller products need to be processed in a carrier. Max. 460 mm (W) x 500 mm (L)

Conveyor width

Motorized type, optional: automatic by software setting


Pin chain conveyor, 5 mm pins

Transport speed



CE certificatesL,Shutters on entrance and exit to avoid operator contact with hazardous UV light.


Microprocessor PLC controller. Speed, shutters and UV on/off.

The oven checks if boards are jammed in the transport conveyor and

shuts down the UV source when a jammed board is detected.

User Interface

Touch screen on oven


SMEMA interface.


External extraction to remove the generated heat from the process tunnel is needed.


Oven uses external exhaust.


Depending on number of installed UV lights. Range: 3.6 kW - 18.6 kW.For more details: ask for Power Supply overview from one to max. 6 bulbs.


Minimal required: 3.5 bar. Consumption: 5L/min.

The standard oven can be equipped with lights from the top.

When bottom emitters are required you need to order bottom light mounting option.

Top and Bottom

The standard oven can be equipped with lights from the top.

When bottom emitters are required you need to order bottom light mounting option.

Light Intensity

(at 100 mm from product)

The lights deliver 300 Watt of microwave energised UV light per inch of lamp resulting in up to 2500mW/cm2

Light source

Fusion F-300 light source


300 kg with one lamp. Extra lamp appr. 35 kg per lamp.

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