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Smart Boards Handling machines helped the EMS factory improve the production efficiency.

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Smart Boards Handling machines helped the EMS factory improve the production efficiency.

Synspeed Smart Conveyor Systme can build Smart SMT Line. This is a solution that enables an enterprise-wide integrated management and automated production line.The Synspeed equipment constituting the smart SMT line is connected to the line control PC(A separate computer for central control of the Synspeed facilities) through LAN communication. The customer transfers the PCB information to each Synspeed facility through the line control PC, so that the operator can change the width easily. In addition, it is attracting attention as a next-generation SMT solution that improves the productivity and competitiveness of customers by enabling real-time monitoring of facility status.

The optional features :

  1. Interface between the Line Control PC and Customer’s server– The Customer SERVER reads the result value of each transport device of Synspeed’s stored in Line Control PC.

  2. In case of NG Buffer or Unloader, it is possible to trace the board of a specific slot during production– Serial # required, the factory’s main server has to be connected

  3. Conveyor speed can be set by model– The machine must be equipped with an electronic speed control controller in advance.Ex) Cooling Link in front of/ at rear of reflow oven

1) Automatic width adjustment

When applying the data of the production model, each transport device of  Synspeed carries   out automatic width control.

2) Real-time status monitoring

Real-time monitoring possible with PC

3) Maintenance Alarm Function (Optional)

If the maintenance period is set to a certain cycle for each equipment, an alarm will ring.

4) LogFile Creation

Production history management and infinite data processing

5) Set access permisiions

The   user can edit accessibility to the system



With the core business concept of innovation, reliability & loyalty, Synspeed was created at 2020 in Shenzhen by a group of engineers who has over 10 years SMT industry experience.

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